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X-Force Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the X-Force machines?

  • High Intensity Negative Training Machines

2. Can anyone use these machines?

  • Yes. Anyone can use these machines. Find any of our instructors on the main floor with the blue shirts on and they can show you how the machines work.

3. How long is an X-Force program?

  • 6 Weeks

4. How many workouts are in a program?

  • 12 Workouts

5. How do I get signed up in the program?

6. How many sets/reps should I be doing?

  • One set to the point of momentary muscular failure. Select a resistance in which at least 4 and at most 10 repetitions. Each rep should have a 3 second concentric (positive), 1 second static (pause), and a 5 second eccentric (negative).

7. What is negative training?

  • Negative training is an eccentric accentuated strength training. With eccentric strength being at least 40% higher than concentric strength, an increased emphasis on the negative training allows the muscle to get to a further state of exhaustion

8. How many machines should be done in a single workout?

  • Between 7-9 machines

9. How often should you use the X-Force machines?

  • Since it can take between 7-10 days for your muscles to recover from a high intensity negative training, you should do no more than 2 X-force workouts per week