Q: What are the X-Force machines?

A: Revolutionary new resistance training machines featuring a unique computer-controlled tilting weight stack that makes exercise more efficient for better and faster results

Q: How long is an X-Force Body program?

A: Each program lasts six weeks but X-Force Body is meant to be a lifestyle commitment!

Q: How many workouts are in a program?

A: Each program is six weeks of two workouts per week. If you are on the maintenance program, you will look and feel great with only one workout per week!

Q: Why only two workouts per week?

A: X-Force workouts are intense. Negative accentuated strength training stresses muscle so deeply, it may take them 7 to 10 days to fully recover and be ready for your next workout. More rest is yet another secret to the remarkably fast results you get from the X-Force Body program.

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Q: What is negative training?

A: “Negative” refers to the lowering or “eccentric” part of a lift. For example, in a bench press, the eccentric (negative) phase is when you lower the bar to your chest, while the positive phase is pressing the bar back to the straight-arms starting position. Because the negative part of a lift is easier than the positive, X-Force equipment has been designed with a unique tilting weight stack that automatically adds 40 percent more resistance to the negative phase. Increasing resistance on the negative forces muscles to achieve a deeper level of stress and exhaustion, which stimulates hormones to burn more fat and grow more muscle.

Q: How do I sign up for the program?

A: Try a free X-Force Body workout