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Eat To Perform at GHF

Online Nutrition Coaching

Did your last diet leave you deflated and frustrated? Eat To Perform is online coaching customized for YOU. Let's be real. Most diets suck. You get a list of rigid rules and "good" and "bad" foods. They don't work in real life. Just one slip-up off the rigid plan can set you off, leading to a binge session and "starting over" again on Monday. 

Get ready, because you're about to experience an entirely different approach. 

Eat To Perform at GHF

Get A Custom Plan Designed For YOU

Your plan will include tailored diet cycles and a personal coach who will push you especially during those moments you want to give up. We coach you through dieting cycles, how to lose weight at optimum rates, and how to make your body thrive - so you can keep the weight off. 

Benefits Of Eat To Perform

  • Personal coach: 

    Remember your last diet and how many times you wanted to give up? Your Eat To Perform Coach keeps you going, even when you feel down and frustrated.  Your Coach will help shift your mindset. 

  • Diet cycles: 

    Crazy concept, but you won't ALWAYS be dieting. You'll likely start in Fat Loss, and then move on to what we call "Performance Recomp." Your energy levels will soar, your confidence will grow and your body will thrive, like it's designed to.

  • Learn to love food and your body again: 

    Throw away your lists of good and bad foods. In fact, burn all your fad diet books. Once you start, you'll never look back. Ditch the guilt, the shame, and the perfectionism. Eat To Perform is a way of life, not a diet you race to finish. 


Eat To Perform is $69/month for a 3-month package. Includes all coaching sessions, feedback, weigh-ins, and customized plans.  Community Classes are Tuesdays at 4:30pm at GHF Tioga and Thursday at 5:30pm at GHF Main. Sign up for a free info session below.


Eat To Perform at GHF

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t work out with high intensity, or with weights, or ______is Eat to Perform still for me?

The concept of Total Daily Energy Expenditure applies to everyone, especially for people that are active.  The basic idea of Metabolic Flexibility (what we teach on Eat to Perform) is that you maintain and potentially build muscle tissue by feeding around your workouts.  This plan is not ideal for sedentary people.  If you are a runner, that is fine, but remember the point of what we teach is to keep what you have and get more muscle.  That is favorable for running, but involves some resistance or strength training as well.

What if I eat Paleo only? What if I do the Zone diet? What if I don’t eat dairy?  What if I do ____?

Whatever diet you prefer we believe in eating adequate amounts for your athletic activities.  What do we mean by that?  Macronutrients – calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate.  We also believe that how you eat should be somewhat flexible.  Could you do this 100% anything? You probably could, but we don’t believe that is the best path forward mentally.  The idea that any one thing you do can harm you in a big way is too limiting mentally.  Most of us eat a diet of mostly whole foods with eating for joy moments.  If you want to call that Paleo, Zone, or whatever, that’s cool by us as long as you are eating appropriate amounts to fuel your workouts.

If I have a medical condition known as ______, is Eat to Perform right for me?

Eat To Perform does not offer medical advice of any sort.  Consult with a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Is Eat to Perform for me if I am already “lean”?

That answer quite simply is a resounding yes.  It’s almost as if diet authors have forgotten that lean people need nutrition advice.  We actually have specific groups just for lean people who want to continue to gain lean body mass and improve performance!


Is Eat to Perform for me if I have fat to lose?

Yes, however, Eat to Perform is not a diet site.  We focus on eating to perform, and as a result, you should end up with gaining muscle and ultimately losing fat.  If you have a lot of fat to lose we are a great solution for sustainable weight loss, but you need to understand this is not a quick fat loss program.  For most people those quick-loss programs end up in an endless stream of rebounds and confusion.  We teach you the “WHY’s” of the foods you eat and help you find what works best for you.



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