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Where Every Woman Gets Stronger

At GHF Women, we believe nothing is more essential than women supporting one another by every means possible. Experience and enjoy the most advanced fitness center in Gainesville. It’s newly redesigned and exclusively for women.

Build a strong body and a strong mind at GHF Women...surrounded by a strong community of women just like you.

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Use Our Transformation to Start Yours!

We invested over $1 million and renovated our 14,000 sq. ft. center in just 30 days. Inside this energizing environment, you will find a mega-selection of offerings and luxury amenities. Imagine what you can do in 30 days at the newly designed GHF Women fitness center.

The Right Fit for Your Workout Goals

Inside GHF Women’s beautiful and energizing environment, you will find boutique studios and a vast array of offerings.

Get fit with group training classes including Zumba, step, yoga and more. Indulge in our sauna, steam room and whirlpool. Experience the latest in women’s fitness trends and weight loss programs like the Tighten Your Tummy 6 week program.

And, of course, we offer a wide selection of state-of-the art cardio and strength machines, as well as free weights.

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WHFWomen's Center Features WHFWomen's Center Features WHFWomen's Center Features

GHF Women Features

  • All-female staff
  • Free babysitting
  • 200 group classes monthly
  • Supervised strength circuit for beginners
  • Sauna, steam room and whirlpool
  • The most cardio and strength machines
  • Stretching and ab workout area
  • Showers, vanities, hair dryers, lockers, private changing area
  • Convenient parking in Thornebrook Village
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Access to GHF Main Center and Tioga locations

We understand you – your needs, challenges and life responsibilities. Here, you will create nourishing relationships to last a lifetime.

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