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Enhance your mind, body and soul in our luxury studios that inspire joy, community and peace. See you on the mat.

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Relax, rejuvenate, energize and find your internal awareness and integrate mind, body, and breath into your fitness routine. Expert instructors will guide you through each yoga class. Whether you are just beginning your journey into yoga or are an advanced practitioner looking for new challenges in your practice, you will find joy, community, and peace here. All classes are included FREE with your membership at all three facilities. 

Yoga Classes Offered Indoors


This all levels class utilizes specific postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to develop muscular strength, flexibility and body awareness. This class involves floor and standing exercises.

Yoga Level I

 This more challenging class utilizes specific postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to develop muscular strength, flexibility and body awareness at a slightly more challenging level.


Yoga & Breathwork

The breath is known as the connection between the physical movements, and the mental and energetic aspects of yoga. Experience a refresh into your week with movement and recovery.


Spiritual Fitness (Yoga)

A combination of breathwork, meditation, and movement from Kundalini and Hatha Yoga that still strengthen your endurance, mental capacity, and energetic stamina


Strength & Focus Yoga

This yoga practice is for the advanced practitioner looking to deepen their inner and outer strength in yoga poses. You will gain insight into the breath and its relationship to the poses (asanas), with clarity and focus.

Yin Yoga

A deeply rejuvenating practice that targets the body's connective tissues, making it the ideal pair for any strength training regime. Poses are typically performed on the ground and held for 3-5 minutes and help with joint health, flexibility, circulation and mental focus. 

Vinyasa Flow 

Emphasis is on body awareness with the synchronization of breath & movement. Each asana flows fluidly & dynamically into the next. Proficiency with basic yoga postures (asanas) is required for this class.

Body Flow 

The Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music.

Body Flow Express 

Enjoy your favorite Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates class in a 45 minute express format. Each week you will work towards improved balance, strength & flexibility incorporating carefully chosen Body Flow sequences to leave you feeling long, strong, centered & calm.



Outdoor Recovery and Yoga Classes at Echo

  • Stretch Express
  • PiYo
  • Couples Yoga
  • Soul Sweat Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Yin Yoga
  • Body Flow Express
  • Yoga & Breathwork


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