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Directory of Staff

Fitness Counselors - Main Center
Karen Coley-Cannon
Debra Johnson
Joan McCarthy
Rhonda Pollock
Chris Thompson
Mark Fountain

Fitness Counselors - Tioga Center
George Seemon
Jeremiah Gadway
Alli Millward

Fitness Counselors - Women's Center
Marylin Prado
Lorrie Hannon

Personal Training Counselors
Lindsey Johnson
Manisha Roberts
Mary Boyle

Other Health Club Staff
Joe Cirulli: Owner
Debbie Lee: Sr. Director of Marketing
Catie Carey: Web Content Manager
Rebecca Rainer: Social Media Manager, Community Outreach Coordinator
Adrian Antiqua: General Manager, Sales Manager
Ann Raulerson: Manager, GHF Tioga
Wendy Ackerman, Manager, GHF for Women
Noah Hastay: Operations Manager
Rick Rone: Facilities Manager
Ryan Edwards: Fitness Manager
Sheila Gardner: Group Exercise Manager
George Whitehead: Director of Personal Training
Robin Zukowski: Director of Pilates
Matt Mallard: Director of CrossFit
Katy Ingles: Director Tribe Team Training
Daryl Byrd, Director of X-Force Body
Kendall Nettles, Front Desk Manager
Allison Breunig: Kid's Club Manager; Hiring Manager
Annette Valero: Housekeeping Manager
Dan Ackerman: Zwurly's Smoothie Bar Manager