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CrossFit At GHF Tioga

The Pursuit Of Optimal Fitness.

Become a part of a fitness community that creates a balance of camaraderie and competition to help you reach your fitness goals that are difficult to achieve on your own.

Our coaches are committed to making our members stronger, fitter, and more self-confident through their fitness journey. GHF CrossFit is now open to the community. You do not have to be a GHF member to enroll.

CrossFit turf at Gainesville Health & Fitness athletes warming up

Try A Free CrossFit Class

Want to see what CrossFit is all about? Try a free trial class and one of our coaches will guide you through a CrossFit workout. Choose from any  CrossFit class on the CrossFit schedule.

Here's what to expect during your first time on the CrossFit turf:

  1. Introduction: We'll learn about your goals, current workout regimen, and any injuries or pre-existing conditions you may have.
  2. Warm-up: 10 minutes of mobility movements to get you warm and prepared for the work ahead.
  3. Exercise Review: Moving safely and effectively is always our top goal and you will be led through the workout with a coach's guidance from beginning to end.
  4. WOD: WOD stands for Workout Of The Day - it's the part of CrossFit that you usually hear about. CrossFit WODs are typically started with a strength portion that leads into a cardio training segment which is performed in a circuit style format, where you move from one exercise to another with minimal or no rest in between. We'll give you a WOD to meet your current fitness level and we'll encourage you to do your best, rest assured there will be no pressure to over-do it. Your GHF CrossFit Coaches are experts in the field and are trained to get you to the next level of personal best safely.
  5. Cool-down: A few finishing stretches and accessory movements to bring your heart rate back down in a safe manner. You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Make sure to bring a water bottle and a towel to your CrossFit trial class. Wear comfortable gym attire and shoes, and check in at the lobby desk before heading out to the CrossFit Turf.
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Private CrossFit Sessions

Get One-On-One Training

GHF CrossFit offers a private one-on-one 4 session introduction package for those new to CrossFit. Learn the fundamentals of CrossFit with private training sessions on the turf. You will learn the basic movement mechanics of the squat, press, deadlift, lunge and pull. 

For veteran CrossFit athletes, one-on-one sessions are perfect for specializing your training and advancing your performance.

Strength Class by GHF CrossFit

Mon/Wed/Fri 9am, Tues/Thurs 5 & 6pm, and Saturday at 9am

The Strength class, offered by GHF CrossFit, focuses on improving strength through barbell lifts. The program centers around squatting, deadlifting, and pressing, with different variations throughout the week and for those that qualify, there are Olympic lifting variations included. The Crossfit coaches assist members with tracking their numbers and over time can provide programmed weights to limit guesswork by the members. This is an excellent class for members that are looking for a dedicated strength program or those looking to add extra strength work into their current program. Held on the CrossFit turf.

Youth Fitness Classes at GHF CrossFit – Ages 6-13

Tuesday - Thursday 4:30-5:15p

This class is designed to prepare young people to perform proper movement and create healthy habits for their future. Participants will learn to prioritize form and gain more control and awareness of their body within a fun group environment.


Crossfit Strength Kettlebell

Your Free CrossFit Session


Try CrossFit For Free!

Try CrossFit under the direction of certified CrossFit coaches to teach you the mechanics and safety of W.O.D.s. Try CrossFit in our newly renovated, covered space at GHF Tioga. New equipment and classes too. Simply complete the form and we will contact you to set up your free session. 

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